The good qualities of Vaishnava

Vasudeva Datta, he prayed that “All living entities in the universe let them be delivered to Krishna, let me take their karma.” They know not that those living entities did anything for Vasudev Datta. Why is he taking? “Let me take their karmas.” Everybody is hungry to get rid of karmas. He is saying “Give me their karma. Let them go back to Krishna.” Because that was his mercy. That was his very kind mood that he thought that “Somehow I tasted the nectar of Krishna’s seva, Krishna’s service and these people they are all bahir-mukha. They are just absorbed in material suffering and enjoyment missing out their real happiness. So once I already experience even for a second, the happiness of Krishna now my life is already fulfilled. Why should one person just be happy and everyone suffer? Better let me suffer and them all go back to Krishna. Let me take their karma, and let them go back. Then I can just suffer. For one person, if I suffer, what’s the harm? I am insignificant… if so many can be saved.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 20th July, SB class @ Chennai, India.