The foremost GBC

In the time of Lord Caitanya although they didn’t officially have, in our GBC like that but although they had many spiritual masters and they had many, different devotees but practically which is like spontaneous GBC, and just all the Goswamis and the senior devotees, they would discuss, and whatever they decided all the other devotees would accept, and everyone was working together. It was one movement. It wasn’t like a dozen movements, so it was one movement but they have their own preaching place and they have their own assignments and they would come together and have big festivals on Gaura Purnima and disappearance day and appearance days of great associates of Lord Caitanya, of Nityananda’s appearance, like that and it was just a spontaneous.

We’re seeing here in ISKCON, Prabhupada has kept the same mood. Now making the whole ISKCON world movement with so many spiritual masters and preachers, and GBC’s and Sannyasis and Temple Presidents and regional secretary so on. Sankirtana devotees and how they all preach in the diffent areas, then we get together to the Mayapur festival, sometimes we get together just like this, getting together you are getting association.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1983, 24th June, SB class @ Miami, USA