The flying flag of the internal energy

We have seen in India, where many uh, ministers and Vice Presidents so on, they sometime visit our temple…the President of India, different people like… sometime visit our temple, and they tell their secretaries, uh, “You make arrangement, I am going to the Hare Krishna center.” and about a week ahead, the policeman come and say that, “So and so is coming here.” everything is ready, they check it out, where they are going to stay, the second day, the day before again some other officer comes and checks it out, then the day they come the morning, the police comes, stand in front of the main gate, in front of the temple, all around, and uh, then when they finally come, then they come with the pilot car in front, then they come, and then behind they got more police, you know, it’s like a whole thing.

Then when they come in, we have to feed them, five secretaries and their family and their attendants, and then all the six drivers for all the cars, and then another place they have to feed all the policemen. So big operation, we can see that how they simply tell their secretary, “Alright I want to go to this place, we will go and invite them”, he tells the secretary. From then on the police, and the district administration, and the state administration. One time the deputy… the Lieutenant Governor of Pondicherry, was coming to Mayapur, as a official State… Guest of the State. He was the head of the Union Territory, and he was coming as an official state guest, attending a function in Mayapur. So for 1 month before his arrival, they pa… they had repaired the road, and all… and there is a little demarcation on one side where… which, what is the roa…government road property and what is the public property, they have little white stones that sit in the side of the road. About 30 feet -40 feet from the road. So those they painted white, put those numbers on, and showing how many miles to Mayapur, things like that. They did so many things to prepare for this dignitaries arrival. So similarly Krishna, He just tells His uh, His internal energy, “I am going to appear in the material world, She or tells the material energy, everything is automatically arranged. They don’t have to uh, Krishna doesn’t have to do anymore. The thing that Krishna is coming like an ordinary living entity you see, forced by the laws of material nature, this is very big misunderstanding, which these slokas tend to educate us in, by saying that even Lord Brahma is completely underneath the uh, domain of uh, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Visnu.

So, when Lord Chaitanya appears also, the place that he appears is something very special. It’s not an ordinary place. That place is part of the spiritual world, it’s und human underneath the uh, protection of the internal energy. Just like when the Governor is coming, at that time he is not leaving his security up to us. He has got his own policeman, the government… even if he doesn’t care, the government doesn’t leave it up to us. They bring their people. They don’t want anything to happen, while he is there in their state. So the uh, spiritual energy, the place where Lord Caitanya is, although there is not a question of any danger, but nonetheless, the spiritual energy expands in that particular area just to accommodate the Lord’s pastimes. That, that area is permanently part of the internal energies uh, activities or jurisdiction. Just like the government have got their embassies all over the world and those embassies uh, fly the flag of that country under international law. For the holy dhama, the abodes of the Lord, in any part of the universe, wherever He appears, they are in their own ways, flying the flag of the internal energy. They are not under the domain of the material energy, you see.