The flood of Krishna consciousness

one who can keep the mind always fixed in Krishna, Prabhupada gave the example, you keep the heart always flooded with the flood of Krishna consciousness, with the ecstasy of uh, the mercy of Lord Caitanya, this is the greatest protection. We pray to Lord Nityananda, that even with a drop of the nectar of His mercy, we can flood our heart with transcendental ecstasy. So in that flood, then we see that the material lust doesn’t sprout. In India, in Mayapur, we go rice paddies. There the rice field is always kept in two, three inches of water, which has two functions. One function is that it keeps the weeds down, because it always under water so none of the weed seeds will sprout. As soon as the water goes down and it gets dry then other grass starts to come up.

So always have to keep the water in the field. The other is that, if you allow the water to go out, then the field, the mud will dry and crack. When it cracks, if you reflood it again, then the water will seep out through the cracks. Then again you have to go through, and with your hands you will go… now they have got machines to do it. They will take the mud, scrunch it up, make it fluffy again, way the water cannot percolate or go beneath it; it creates a type of a barrier. So by constantly chanting and hearing the holy name of Krishna, the messages of Krishha, then practically speaking the heart becomes very soft. So it can also hold the water… the nectar of Lord Caitanya, but if you allow it to dry up by not chanting Hare Krishna, by not hearing about Krishna, by not serving Krishna, let the heart dry up, you see, then that’s a dangerous position then if you do give some sporadic irrigation, that it may not hold it until you again make the proper consciousness. So we get out of all of the cracks, all of the offences which allows… which allow the mercy to avoid us.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

25th Sep, 1983 SB class @ New York, USA