The fifth goal of life

Prabhupada first went to the Americas, then he went to Europe, to Australasia, to the… Hong Kong, to different places all around the world, Africa, Russia, that somehow or another this has all been the divine plan by Lord Caitanya, that here in India especially people are into all the karma-kanda, they’re into getting liberation. You never meet an Indian who says that… hardly you can meet, who is not a devotee of Lord Caitanya. Of course there are those but apart from them, has anybody experienced that “My goal in life is to get pure devotional service even birth after birth.” Very rare, if any. Off hand, I have never met and I have lived here for about fourteen years.

So this is the special movement of Lord Caitanya that actually the fifth goal of life the purusartha… param-purusartha, the Supreme destination, (inaudible) of life, the highest necessity, the highest goal is to have pure love for Krishna, higher than all the mystic powers, higher than all the impersonal realizations, higher than all… of course insignificant to any material thing… what to speak of material things. That’s insignificant.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami maharaj

28th March 1983, Gaura Purnima SB class @ Mayapur