The fair fare for Hari

Prabhupada, one time gave lecture that “if money comes to me, I will take it with two hands. Give it to Krishna! We are not shy to ask, to take money because we are using it for Krishna’s devotional service. It’s not material, it’s spiritual. Whatever money Srila Prabhupada got even, he spent it before he got it. In Bombay project, when he put the document claiming for the land and city was going to buy the land for 14 lakhs. We didn’t have any money. The secretary said, Prabhupada, we don’t have any money, how is it that you are buying the land. He said, “Krishna will provide”. So, he was very bold in this way. Somehow or the other, then he pushed his disciples and pushed the devotees to raise the fund, when there was some important project. This is how things got done so quickly. He used to say that, if a brahman gets a million dollars, the next day again he’ll be a beggar. He will spend it on Krishna. So this way, the devotees, he enjoined them, that whatever you get, you spend it on Krishna as quickly as possible. We don’t want to accumulate wealth. As soon as we get it we want to spend it on Krishna conscious purpose.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1986, 27th April, SB class @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia