The ever vital, ever youthful – the eternal spiritual body

You hear that the God is unlimited, the omnipotent, then you say that “God has come down on this earth, they say how is it possible?” But how is it impossible? If God can do anything, then why can’t he come down? In fact, one devotee, in New York, has published different quotes from the bible, and there are surprising, in one of the prayers, I think Solomon, he was praying, that my Lord is for ever youthful. That His lotus feet, that He has feet, His toe nails are just like pearls. And the same description you’ll find in the Vedic literatures. But somehow, in the Saint Peters uh… What’s that – they call the Basilica or something? There they have the picture of God, with a big old beard. Because, if He is the oldest, then He must get old and wrinkled.

They don’t realize that God is oldest, but He doesn’t need a material body which has built in obsolescence. Everyone in this country would love to have the perpetual light bulbs, the cars which never breaks down. Except, of course for the manufacturers, as this is not good for their cash flow. But all the consumers would love to have something like that. So, similarly, everyone likes to have a body which will never grow old, which should always stay youthful. Because that’s what the eternal spiritual body is. It’s a body, it’s a form that never changes. It never grows old. It simply remains ever vital, ever youthful. It doesn’t require to go through these different transformations, which are existing here in this material world. So, we should understand this and very patiently, if somebody wants to hear about Krishna and if they are willing to listen, then we can explain. Cause, if they don’t want to really hear about Krishna, if we try to explain to them, they turn a deaf ear, or they immediately start firing off other questions. Before hearing yours, your replies. Then that is actually indicative that they are not actually inclined in knowing anything, they are simply trouble makers. So, what’s the use of wasting our time arguing. We are willing to discuss, to have an exchange, a communication, to try to convince one another, “What is the absolute Truth”? but if somebody is dogmatic, he only wants to speak, he doesn’t want to hear. We have no time to hear such people. Yes, we were willing to hear someone’s questions and willing to answer the questions. But not willing simply to extend our valuable breaths, when someone is not listening. Better as such is to talk to a tree, because the tree would actually benefit.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 18th Sep, SB class @ New Orleans, USA