The eternal spiritual benefit.

Modern society, they are taking from God everything, that He is providing but they don’t reciprocate and give back to Krishna what He’s due. So because of that, there is this imbalance, and people’s vikarma or materialistic activities are increasing more and more.

So the devotees are basically doing all good fortune for people by accepting, from them service and offering that service to Krishna. Some people directly come and render service to the temple by sweeping the floor and helping to do some… Any kind of service, type something, or help in some way. Others they are busy working giving their energy in exchange for money. Just like you can convert dollars into pounds and shillings, pence, franks and uh, marks and other forms of currency, for, they are exchanging their labour into money. So that money they give to Krishna’s devotees, and that is said that the devotee are acting like bill collectors for Krishna, like tax collectors rather, collecting the due.

Since Krishna is unlimitedly, the creditor or they are unlimitedly indebted to Krishna, there is no limit in how much they can return to Krishna, but even by giving something to Krishna, they benefit, unlimitedly because formerly people who don’t give anything back to Krishna, they want to keep everything for themselves, if they give something normally, it’s also… either as a, income tax shelter or some kind of a uh, personal uh, for their own personal uh, sentiment, or name or fame, somehow or another if the donation actually goes, the contribution actually goes to Krishna then they get sukriti or eternal spiritual benefit for that. Sometimes unknowingly they do service to Krishna, that is called ajnata sukriti or, spiritual credit given by and unknowing person.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 30 th May, SB Class, New Orleans @ USA