The Entrance card in spiritual

It’s a very deep personal experience when one starts to develop these spontaneous realizations of Krishna and it’s not possible just on the mental platform, you see. So, although we present the… the pastimes with words, actually because of being devotees, or trying to be devotees of a devotee, by that mercy of previous acarya, we’re able to experience some uh, minute drops of spiritual uh, realization and all… and ecstasies and all these words, so the words actually are more than words, but for someone who has no spiritual action, and just hears the word without experiencing the ecstasies, of course, they won’t really be able to delve into what are Lord Caitanya’s pastimes. Until they start the surrendering process, chanting Hare Krishna, becoming purified, finding a bona fide spiritual master, surrendering unto the bona fide spiritual master, being furtherly… rather being further guided, purified, in this way, one is gradually in… allowed into this intimate circle, you see.

It’s not a superficial thing. You don’t have to go to this place or that place. It’s on the spiritual platform. The entrance card is surrender to pure devotees, and the mercy of pure devotees, performing sankirtana, chanting, these things are the entrance card. One’s spiritual desire.