The end of animal life is…

Basically this was Srila Prabhupada’s intention that alright in the west you have everything, here you have economic development, here you have good looks, you’re educated, you have nice clothing, enough to eat, you have materially everything that anybody can think about having at this time, but what you are lacking is Krishna, you are lacking spiritual culture, you see. Just with materialistic culture it’s animalistic, it becomes it falls short of, actually bringing the real happiness that one wants, because the happiness that the people are running after is the happiness that you can get in the animal birth. Human birth is meant for more.

There are 8,400,000 species of life and a soul is going from one species to the next, until finally after coming through the aquatics, the animals, the plants, the animals, you know before that the birds, the reptiles, so many things. Animals… then finally you come to the human being species, but the dog is running after, you see, the… having… mating in the street, having sex in the street, so human… if they are only running after same thing, if their standard is just… alright to enjoy the senses on the same basis as the dogs… I was, in the… on the previous Nama Hatta tour, we stopped… we could see the Himalaya mountains, it was just in North Bengal, and when we travelled in India, it’s very you know, every 100 kilometers there is a gas station but basically, for… when you are travelling you wanna take a shower, you wanna do something, we just stopped by a river and, do all our morning duties and everything there, so we were going and the sun had uh, just come up, it was just dawn, so we stopped by the side of a river which was… which was a little cool out but because it was the winter and you could see, maybe 65 or something, somewhat cool, not very cool but we could see the Himalaya mountains in the distance, and so we stopped the car and went down and there was a… because it was winter, hadn’t rained for some time, there was a very big river bed and the water of course was only taking up a fourth of the total area, the other was all like sand, possibly in the rainy reason it would rage and snow from the mountains which come down.

So went to take our uh, to take our bath, and uh, as we were going down we saw… when we were taking a birth we saw two dogs there, and dogs were having a good time, they were biting each other, smelling each other, running around, running here… I mean really playing around, having a great time you know, and then you could see, well you know, they were having a good time, they were very happy, in their… in their frolicking and play and then we walked just a little bit further, and there was a… was a…. a skull, and one of the dogs had been licking out inside of it, and it was completely dried, looking out in the sand, bare eyes, teeth, looking up and there was just like right before you could see, you know well, here is the animal life and here is what the end of the animal life is.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 31st May, SB Class, New Orleans @ USA