The Enamored ecstatic devotion

There is a story that Prabhupāda told of a Vaishnava… one pāthaka, who was giving a lecture and there was a lady sitting in the front row and every time he would make a strong point, she would start crying. He would be making, you know, so many devotional points and she’d just be crying, and he started thinking, “This is a great devotee!” So after the class was over he had one of his assistants call her as she seemed a great devotee and asked her “What was it that was making you cry every time I was making these points? What was your realization?”

“I just lost my goat and his beard was just like yours and every time I see you I remember him.”

So Prabhupāda said you have to be careful not to take it… every time somebody cries that does not mean they are in ecstatic devotion.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1983, 3rd, October SB Class @ Atlanta, USA