The dhiksha – A new birth

Once they surrender to Krishna and say, ”Krishna my life is yours. I want to serve you eternally.” The way that one does that is through Krishna’s pure devotee. One has to surrender to a devotee of Krishna as a spiritual master and accept initiation and serve that spiritual master following his instruction as being the absolute representative of Krishna. So initiation we give normally after a devotee is in a temple for six months. A devotee can cook, means he can prepare the thing like cutting vegetables, rolling the chapati or making the batter and things like that. But actually fire work the putting the thing on the fire and the final action that should be done by people who are initiated when you are offering it to the Deities because this is the panca-tantric ruling is there that the someone who is initiated they are able to serve Krishna.

They are… there Krishna says that “I accept someone who is initiated on My same spiritual level.” We can approach Krishna. We are born human being. Human being means that’s a material position. Krishna is not human. He is on transcendental platform. When we accept diksa that means we accept a new birth, Dvijatva. Second birth means that mother is sastra and father is guru. Then Krishna accepts us that now you are on a spiritual platform. That time we accept that we are not the body, we are the soul. Body is only our vehicle and we are serving in this way. So all these have many implications about diksa.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 20th July, SB class @ Chennai, India.