The devotee’s transcendental subject matter

The devotees they stop the completion business against Krishna, they stop the enjoying attitude of trying to exploit the material world for their sense gratification and rather they use their intelligence, their faculties, their senses everything for the service of the Lord. In this way they become atmarama, they become completely self satisfied, they become completely nirgrantha, freed from all kinds of material bondages, the munis, the devotees, not those Mooney’s , this is the Sanskrit muni, munayah, silent means, the devotee, doesn’t mean he just becomes mauna babas, the mauna babas in India, they have these mauna babas, they take a vow they won’t speak for two three four years, something like that, they don’t speak, so then we won’t talk to them, so then they write. So in this way, they are still thinking so many things, but they just take a vow they won’t speak, it’s like there are people born in that way, they can’t speak, in Mayapur there is one man, he can’t speak, he just grunts and if he want to say something he has to write it down and show you, they are called bulla, deaf and dumb, what do they call here? Deaf mute, they can’t speak.

So to be a mauna babas, or deaf mute, by choice, it’s not a very transcendental situation, so muni doesn’t mean that kind of silence. But a devotee is muni that he only speaks about Krishna, doesn’t speak nonsense, doesn’t speak materialistically neither does he just becomes silent like a deaf mute, but he speaks only transcendental subject matter. So here in Murari Sevaka this reminded how that verse in Bhagavatam, that Murari he saves us, protects us from all kinds of dangers of life, that Murari’s lotus feet are the boat by which we can cross over this ocean of the material world. So Prabhupada, he has given us Murari sevak, in order that we can serve Murari’s lotus feet and thus cross over the ocean of material world, crossing over all of the dangers which the material world holds out at every step.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 27th Sep, SB class @ Murari Sevaka Farm, USA