The determined disciple.

Even the Ganges is very cautious we can see here that… to take so many reactions, therefore our preachers they are advice to be very cautious in accepting disciples. Why should it… we find that there are many devotees in the sampradaya like Lokanath Gosvami, he refused. He would not take even one disciple, it’s too much of a burden, “I’m not strong enough, am not advanced enough. I just want to serve Krishna, am not strong enough.” You’re a nitya siddha eternally liberated soul direct associate of Lord Caitanya. He didn’t want to accept any disciples, because he thought he was not advanced enough. He had to be… even he was ordered to, he was reluctant, he dint want to. In the absence of direct order, he was completely opposed to accept any disciple. It was Narottama dasa Thakura was serving him, when he asked him for initiation, he refused, he said “No. This is your intention.” He says “You cannot… I will not give you initiation.”

“At least allow me to serve you.” He was even reluctant to accept service, because… once he realised that was the motive.

Narottama dasa Thakura for years had to follow his spiritual master, hiding in the bushes when he will go into the forest, and find where he would go for his morning nature call and he would clean that place, put cow dung, make it very clean, put a water jug out, whatever, “Who is doing this?”

If he changed location, what will happen at the other place. When he went back, when he is gone, he’d clean up the whole ashram for his spiritual master, that he’d accept in his heart, because when he wouldn’t accept willingly, then even somehow or other he knew the service had to be done, so he did it. Finally Lokanatha Gosvami, he became so curious, who is doing this service, he hid and he saw, it was Narottama, challenged Narottama, “What you are doing?”

“I am serving.” he fell at his feet, “Whether you accept me or not as your disciple, I have accepted you as my spiritual master and am going to serve you my whole life.” That determination was so… that devotion which was so selfless, that impressed Lokanatha Gosvami so much that he said, “Your service has defeated me.” then he accepted him as his disciple, initiated him.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1983, 5th,November, SB Class @ USA