The Demon Devotee

Devatas although they are devotees of the Lord, some of the sages they are also Mayavadis, or they are impersonalists. They might not be in bhakti yoga. They may be in jnana yoga or astanga yoga or some other form of yoga or in karma kanda many are there. So they are dear to the Lord, but they are not considered necessarily to be devotees. So more dear to them are the demigods. But demigods just like Indra, he approached the Lord that He wanted to defeat that one demon Vrtrasura, but… so the Lord said that, “You can defeat him. This is the way. But Vrtrasura is more fortunate than you are because you are asking that he be defeated so that you can continue with your material happiness. For maintaining your material position you are asking My help. But he is asking that even if he dies, he wants to return to me as a eternal devotee. So actually between the two of you, although I am answering your prayer, and his prayer, but he is more advanced than even you, although he is in the body of a demon.”

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 20th July, SB class @ Chennai, India.