The Daunting Death – A defeat

In this material world, no one can be successful all the time, at every moment. It is not possible, except for Krishna, you see, but even Krishna’s devotees, they may sometimes suffer a temporary setbacks, but they’re never completely defeated, and for the materialists, they’re always being defeated. Of course their ultimate defeat is death, where they lose everything. For the devotee, death is not at all a defeat. It is opening the door back to Godhead.
So, in this way, in our Krishna conscious movement, we take the mercy of Nitai Gaur to serve Krishna, and we take every opportunity, every s… every situation as an opportunity to learn to surrender to Krishna, better.                   
H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj. October 16, 1982 sb Murari Sevaka @ USA

October16, 1982 SB @ Murari Sevaka, USA