The dasa-karmas – ten purificatory processes.

Nanda and Yasoda are not aware that Krishna is the son of Devaki and Vasudeva. Natually, they think that Krishna is their own child, and they were very concerned that all the Vedic rites… in the Vedas, they’re called dasa-karmas, or ten purificatory processes for a spiritually advanced human being. Beginnging with the garbhadhana samskara, then there’s the pumsavana ceremony during pregnancy, then here Vasudeva… excuse me, Nanda Maharaja wants to have nama-karana, or the name-giving, which is something like baptism in the Christian uh, faith, where one is given a name, officially by a priest with uh, various ceremonies.

Similarly, there’s cutting the first hair, is a ceremony. Taking the first grains, which are offered to Krishna. Like that, giving of a Brahmana initiation, or the uh, upanayana. There’s so many different ceremonies which are performed for purifying the child, before birth and even up till after leaving this body, after death. So, Nanda Maharaja, he was very concerned that when he had a son, He should be uh… when he had a child, that all these ceremonies should be performed.

But that too, he’s… There’s all these dangers. Indirectly, Gargamuni is revealing that Krishna’s actually the son of Devaki and Vasudeva. But, of course, Nanda Maharaja, he doesn’t pick that up. He just sees that, “Yes. This is a dangerous coincidence.” and Kamsa may go after Krishna, so one thing is to see that how the uh, in Vedic culture that every sect, the various uh, ceremonies are especially meant for encouraging one in one’s spiritual advancement. Garga muni is a twice born, excuse me, and Nanda Maharaja is a vaisya, the second born brahmana, ksatriya and vaisya, they would always undergo all of these uh, performing of purificatory ceremonies. Just as today parents want to send their children to college, they think that this is like a purificatory process. You go to a college, you are a twice born or something. You are… become civilized. Of course, the colleges produced have produced… in other parts of the world specially, the colleges are best places for producing political activists, terrorists or destroying peoples morals, and for so many other things. Of course, to some extent you can get some aspects of material education also but especially destroying for the character. Well, the Vedic, college course begins before birth, but basically if one is uh, going to be a twice born or one is going to be a developed human being then the parents will take very special care that every stage of life the child gets the benefit of the spiritual association and spiritual, ceremonies. More than the ceremony it’s actual spiritual purification.
This is another proof that from birth nobody is pure, from birth everyone is in an impure or in a undeveloped non spiritual state, born just like an animal is born. They are born simply with the animalistic characteristic, but it is due to the spiritual culture, due to spiritual purification, that the higher, traits, the higher development of an individual uh, for spiritual realization is encouraged.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 30 th May, SB Class, New Orleans @ USA