The dangerous curve in bhakti path

Just like when you are driving on the road, they put a sign, “Dangerous Curve”, that means you have to especially careful when you go around the curve. If you are a little carelessly, go around a little wildly, you might sleep off the road. Actually the road is all paved, it’s all you know, good road. You just have to know where the curves are, so that way you are given some warning, this are the dangerous places, you have to be careful about it. So that way, 50% of energy we do to keep our foot on the accelerator, to keep … to keep, devotional service going, you see, and then other 50% we have to keep our eyes on the road, you see, pulling out the weeds of devotional service, keep bewaring of all the, you know other type of little dangers, trying to just test us, or try to distract us. Actually on the path there is no dangers. The danger is somehow or other to distract to get off the path or slow down our progress, you see. So that way it just uh, there is no real… there is no deficiency or danger within devotional service, but it’s just warning us what the dangers outside might come so we can differentiate, what is devotional service and what is actually Maya? What is material activity, so don’t fall into material activity uh, with some kind of sentiment that, “Well this is also spiritual.” and then you know uh, get stuck up, just like someone who takes the wrong turn because he didn’t read the road sign properly. Happens all the time right? And then after you go a ways, then you realize you realize that, “Oh ! This is not the right road.” Then you turn around, then it’s not always, you don’t find the turn around so easily, so you waste a little time.

So just so you don’t waste any time, first the path is given, this is the direction, right?, but then just to be sure that you don’t make any wrong turns you see, watch out when you get this point, there is a wrong turn, you could take, don’t take it. This… So that way just makes it that much easier, but if the person even say doesn’t know all those things, if he can just, he just you know stays on that, on a straight road, doesn’t go here and there, doesn’t just, then even then it’s alright. This is all like additional information given, just to provide us a special security.

H.H Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

26th Dec, 1982 SB class @ Atlanta,