The cycle of birth and death

Vedas says that you have to die again we have going to be born, whoever die he is going to be born,whoever born is bound to die this is the fact , Buddhist also accept this action the Vedas also tell us that if you become fully God conscious , Krishna conscious then we don’t have to take again birth in material world we go back to the spiritual world ,this is the real purpose of life is go back to home to Godhead I f we develop love for Krishna then it is as good as being now in this world is good as being in the spiritual world for someone who has love for Krishna they don’t care whether they living or dying they are living with Krishna they are dinning with Krishna ,ultimate peace and happiness we can achieve in one second if we develop our pure devotion for Krishna that counteracts all the ignorance , one point just in conclusion.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1988, 25th December, SB class, @ Butterworth, Malaysia