The closeout sale of the Supreme Personlity of Godhead

Lord Brahma, he went back to his, Satyaloka, his planet, the planet of Satya, and then, of course he came down and he appeared as Haridasa Thakura, and assisted Lord Caitanya in His transcendental pastimes. So, this opportunity to be in the pastime of Lord Caitanya was received even by great great demigods like Lord Brahma and others. It’s something very special, so we should also take it like that there is a special opportunity. Somehow or another, this is the, closeout sale of the Supreme Personlity of Godhead. I noticed when I came to America, that are a lot of close out sales, selling to the bare walls. So this is the closeout sale. If you miss it, at this time if you are left over, then it’s a very unfortunate situation. Then it’s practically that person… and that means that in the close out sale, if you go there like after the sale, and whatever is left you know it’s gonna be really bad stuff, right? It will be really junk because of… after the end, if nobody bought it, it must be, not be any good, because everybody cleaning…, trying to pick out anything good at the… at a cheap rate. Of course here it’s all cheating, they jack up the price and then say “half off.” Business you know. But this is not like that. That actually, this is a real bargain. This is the only real bargain, where actually thing are sold below cost, it’s given out free. But somehow or another, even after this, if a person somehow avoided the mercy of Lord Caitanya… was so clever to avoid the mercy of Lord Caitanya, well that person is the most unfortunate. He is the dregs, unfortunate. Most misfortunate… Unfortunate. So, we should be very careful, not to be any one of those, and to take the mercy of Lord Caitanya and try to give it out to everyone. Everyone that can accept it, given the opportunity,

“Chant Hare Krishna.”

H.H Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

26th Dec, 1982 SB class @ Atlanta,