The body & the soul

This is very important to understand that how this material body differs from the spiritual body, and one other thing that Prabhupada mentions here, very important, is that a person becomes, unaffected, free from material affinity, you see. Material affinity is something we like. It’s something naturally, we are attached to. You are born in the material world, your mother and father take care of you. You become very attached to them. Because it is a very intimate relationship, because they are feeding and taking care. But the relationship is based on the body. We have the material body it is based on this body. We are not thinking, just like Srivas. His son, what was the previous life, he had a mother… mother and father. This life we have a mother and father. After we die we will have a new body, another mother and father. So this material affinity is another kind of bondage, another kind of illusion. We don’t realise that because of this affinity, we are putting ourself in more and more anxiety and difficulty. Just like because of this relationship… just like we have a baby. Now if the baby is sick, the parents they feel bad. Because there is such a close affinity. Even it is difficult, even if you are Krsna conscious it is difficult not to feel when your child is sick. At least there, you dovetail it. At least there you dovetail it that “I am raising my child to be God conscious, to be Krsna conscious. So I have to take care of the child.”, so that natural love which is there for the children that becomes offered to Krsna in an indirect way, or a direct way when the child is trained to be Krsna conscious. The feeling is there sometimes, even among the really advanced yogis, what to speak of materialists. If their child is in danger, they are out of their skin. Even a cow if they lose the calf, it is crying, tears are there. It is not that this is only a human quality, even a cow loses her calf it cries like anything.

In India sometime what they do, the cow once it loses the calf it will stop giving the milk. The cow is a little bit stupid. They do not know the difference between the body and the soul. So they will take the calf and they will skin it and stuff it and they will hang it up by the cow, and he will be licking the skin of the calf even, it’s dead, just the skin, but they are a little bit stupid, think that my calf is alive, I still have my calf. Human being knows the difference between a live body and a dead body. A cow doesn’t know the difference very well, you see. But with the human being still thinks that “Well, alright, this is live body, this is dead body…”.

what is the difference? They know that there is a difference. That much intelligence we have. What is the difference, that we do not know. We have so many big jets, big buildings, we have Walkman tape recorders, we have everything, right? But we do not know the difference between a living body and a dead body. We know there is a difference. So we think that we are better than the cow. But what is the difference we do not know in this material world. That is where bhakti yoga or Krsna consciousness comes in.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

27 oct, 1982, SB Class