The blossoming community

we should be very clear about what Prabhupad wants, what the previous Acaryas want. When we are clear, when we are sure then we should go ahead without any doubt, should go ahead with full enthusiasm knowing that their mercy is there behind us. So already we can see that Krishna’s mercy is coming down, the evidence is there to that effect and that things are starting to gradually expand, nice devotees are coming and community is blossoming. So we should be careful to keep all relationships in Vaishnav Krishna conscious level, avoid the things that happens when big communities sometimes goes to a loss in kind of a family spirit. We can keep us unified just like Krishna had a family with millions of people and they are all one big family. Similarly we can remain as one family even if we our numbers grow if we keep that Krishna conscious spirit and if we avoid any kind of material consciousness that comes up to interfere with that natural Krishna conscious flow and the appreciation of good qualities in other and avoid bad qualities.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj
1985, October 1st, SB class @ New Talavan, USA