Taste for serving the lord.

in the spiritual world, everyone is conscious of their service to the Lord, and in the material world, we lack that consciousness. So, the uncovering of that original consciousness, where we see that uh, the perfection of life is to be in the service of the Lord, that has to be awakened. In the Vaikuntha-lokas, they are… this taste for serving the Lord is so strong, not only amongst the flowers and amongst the bees and amongst birds and amongst all the other residents, even there, the humans, no one’s… no one is a human, per se, but those having the humanlike form, the original form from which the human being form are made, the residents of the Vaikuntha-lokas, even they’re there, husband and wife are together, even they’re engaging in… their service to Krishna is so relishable… The service to Narayana is so ecstatic that even there, there’s hugging or kissing that the desire to have uh, sex never even comes in the heart. They’re already so satisfied that that desire is not at all existing, and all the concomitant difficulties that come from what we see in the material world as a gross sex-life, that is not even there.

Therefore, there’s no need for birth, and there’s no material sex-life means there’s no birth. No birth means there’s no death. Everyone is existing eternally, in transcendental full knowledge and bliss. So, of course these things are very difficult for understanding, but everything is there in the spiritual world, but it’s there in a perfect form.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

Nov 15, 1982 SB @ Nepal.