Stop living as if we are the body

The basic teaching… not that we have a soul. We are the soul, so therefore we should stop living as if we are the body. You have to take care of your body. Everyone has a car, they take care of the car. We have a body. We take care of the body. Not that we neglect it. But we shouldn’t gear the whole life just for keeping your car polished. Nobody’d do it. They have other… they have their family life, they have village, no one just sits there. If someone just all day polishes his car, this… That guy’s a little bit demented, right? Somebody’d think that the guy has got some kind of fetish. He just keeps polishing his car, you know fixing up, tuning it, you know he is missing out on a lot of things. He is absorbed in this machine. Well that’s what happened. There are such people though, there are such people who you know, buy the auto magazines, the whole day they are tinkering with their car.

It’s like that the people have become, you know, completely body consciousness, and the whole time they are absorbed. “Wow, now there is a new disease. There is the cancer. There is the TB. There is the Herpes, There’s the this one, There’s the that.” and become absorbed, “I might get diseased.” and then they’re thinking about this body thing and that body… everything, and then, you know, even though they’re spiritual people… 99% of the people America believe in God, so I would assume if they believe in God, that must mean they also believe in soul, right? But they don’t have any conception, or any education or any training whatsoever.

H.H Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

26th Dec, 1982 SB class @ Atlanta,