Spend everything for Krishna

Srila Prabhupad mentioned that there were some yogis or Gurus in India, they refuse to touch money. They don’t touch money. Actually they collect lacs of rupees every night, check account and they sign cheques, but officially they don’t touch money. Their secretaries handle it. So Srila Prabupad said that I don’t have any problem. I can take money with two hands. I’m not using it for myself. I’m only using it for Krishna. He wanted to do so many things for Krishna. But when devotees, even when they give a million dollars or greater, he would spend it all for Krishna, building nice temples, building nice facilities or serving in Krishna consciousness, to build nice facilities for the Lord, for propagating His message.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj,

1990, Dec 3rd, SB class, @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia