Sources through Sages

If someone says, “well can you prove it? Can you show Krishna’s expanding His 1000 or 16000 forms?” This is not something that Krishna, that alright now put on a show. It’s not a Ringley Brothers circus,that we can just any time show, but this is something which was witnessed by great sages, by great devotees, by great spiritual masters of that time. It was recorded by authorized people who are known for their impeccable honesty, and it’s been handed down through a unbroken chain of disciplic succession of spiritual masters. There is no other source of this information. If someone says, “Well I want to have some other source.”, there is no other source that we have that’s ever been found apart from being present on the planet at that particular time.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1986,2nd October, SB class @ New Orleans, USA