Slightest devotional service

some thousands of years ago, when the deity was coming back from the wedding, dacoits attacked the whole party. And the dacoit, he completely was absorbed and didn’t see the deity was deity, and thought it was a person ; so immediately came up and said , “All right, stop! I am dacoit, I am robber. I want all your jewels. Give me your jewels! He just started talking to the deity. So the deity completely reciprocated, ye yatha maam prapadhyante …He knew… So then he reciprocated and said : “Well, why… I have just come back from a wedding. You don’t want to attack a wedding party. You don’t want to steal, I am just coming… it is a sacred thing. It’s a wedding. These are wedding, you know. You don’t want to steal from someone coming from a wedding, do you?” And the dacoit thought for a few minutes and said, “No, I don’t have any such restrictions. You are going to fight or you are going to give me your jewels? You just tell me. “No, we won’t fight, you can take the jewels.” So then the thief, he said, all right. I put faith in you. Since the person was so was not going to fight. So then to get a bag and everything, “All right, hold my spear. He handed his spear , and then you know there was… As soon as he had given something to Krishna, it was devotional service. Even you know, just to hold it for a second. Something, from point to A to point B, it went to Krishna. As soon as he gave something to Krishna, immediately by that devotional service he realized that who Krishna was. That this deity was a deity of Krishna was indeed Krishna, and he was speaking to the incarnation of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. And then suddenly everything , just by that little service, and then he immediately at the point, surrendered because of his realization just by the slightest devotional service, he became a great devotee. So we can understand that even we do a little devotional service.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1982, Dec, 15 SB @ Honolulu, Hawaii.