Sink or swim

 Just like if you’re driving in a car and the pedal’s… the gas pedal’s not down and the car’s killing, you say… you know, you come to some conclusion, “Well, something’s wrong with the car.” But then sometimes when the engine’s cold, or you’re overloaded, you just have to put on more gas.
You’re going up a hill, you keep going up the hill, then when you’re going up the hill, it kills, say, “What’s wrong?” “Oh I’ll look at the tire…”, and everything, because you weren’t putting the gas on. Right? So, when you’re going up the hill, you’ve got to put the gas on. Maybe sometimes you downshift, put on the gas, and go up. If you don’t put on more gas when you’re going uphill… So, that’s why sometimes Krishna makes a person go uphill a little bit, just like you’re forced to put on the gas.   

 H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj     

October 16, 1982 Murari Sevaka, USA