simply see Krishna in your sweet relationship.

God can protect Himself, He is the all powerful, all powerful, all famous, all knowing, so how to protect, the Lord, if He is the Lord, how…there is no question of protecting. Its only when yoga maya covers that ability to see Krishna as the supreme, and one sees Krishna according to one’s devotional relationship where you sees Krishna as a boy or as a friend or as a lover or as a… like that, then accordingly the devotees uh, acts in that relationship.

So in this way of course, that doesn’t interfere with your love for Krishna. Rather that allows the love to flow more naturally, without the artificial consideration that Krishna will take care of Himself, and so on. One actually feels in that relationship, that “If I don’t feed Krishna, Krishna will starve!” So this way mother Yasoda, she is always very concerned for protecting and taking care of Krishna, even though they fear demons will come and take Krishna away, and miraculously Krishna gets saved. It’s never… hardly does it dawn on anyone that Krishna Himself is God… the Supreme Lord. They consider that Krishna is blessed, He is always being protected by God.

Sometimes they get a hint, they get some vision, they think that, “Oh! How is it possible, who is Krishna, Krishna must be some great demigod or incarnation, otherwise how can He do these amazing things?” but then again yoga maya covers their… that vision, so that they can simply see Krishna in their loving relationship. Otherwise to think that Krishna is Krishna, it actually interrupts the flow. Similarly those people who preach or who preach and have to show mystic powers to their followers, that is considered to be on a much lower level, that instead of a natural love of a servant for a master or a disciple for the spiritual master, uh, and for the appreciation of the spiritual gifts, then there is more of an awe inspired by seeing some kind of mystic powers, and once attraction is more for the mystic powers than in most cases than actually for the spiritual message.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 30 th May, SB Class, New Orleans @ USA