Services which all simply for attracting the mercy

we try to follow the sadhana because that was the order of the spiritual master. If there is someone who didn’t follow any sadhana but still they got the mercy then it’s quite obvious that its kripa siddhi. Srila Prabhupada one time I went to his room in Mayapur, and he just suddenly started to admonish me, that “I am not depending upon my chanting of Hare Krishna to be Krishna conscious, not depending upon my writing or my reading, studying of sastras to become Krishna conscious. I am not depending upon.” He started explaining all the different aspects of devotional service that he wasn’t depending upon. Which normally we all think that we have to completely depend upon. He said, “I do all of these simply for attracting the mercy, I do this just to please my spiritual master and I am completely depending upon the mercy of my spiritual master.” He brought in a totally different viewpoint that actually we are depending upon the kripa siddhi, that we don’t depend on our expertise in doing the sadhana that “I am very expert in chanting my rounds, or I am doing everything and because of my own expertise I am doing all the practices therefore I am going to make advancement.” We try to be as expert as we can, we try to do as well as we can to please the spiritual master. Still we are always anxious at every step to get a little special mercy, to get that little, you know we are going through the motions.

Just like someone they may be going through the high school, college graduation MA, PhD, but along the way if somebody offers a PhD, they are not going to refuse it. So here, but of course normally people don’t get it. So we practice we go step by step getting our graduation papers or whatever at different levels to get the mercy but we are always anxious to get their mercy. You don’t want to jump up artificially but to get their real mercy even before hand or even in spite of our inefficiency in following everything perfectly as we’d like to. So we are always anxious for their mercy.

So that’s one of the qualities of surrender to be always hopeful and anxious to always get the mercy of Krishna. You should always be hopeful to get the mercy of guru and Krishna. And we take it that everything is by their mercy that actually we may be doing the sadhana, it may appear that we have done sadhana and therefore we have got the mercy if we take it that there may have been so many mistakes in what we have done or even if whatever we have done but ultimately by the mercy of the spiritual master.

Not only did he instruct us how to do and what to do without which we couldn’t have made any advancement at all but on top of that the ability to do that and overcome the different obstacles that come up that is also by his shelter and mercy. So we take it as a krpa-siddhi you can say. It is just that when externally the sadhana is very prominent so that will be categorized as sadhana-siddhi but the devotee himself takes it that it is the mercy of the Lord and that the sadhana is actually a medium for trying to satisfy the spiritual master.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 13th Sep, SB class @ Bhaktivedanta Manor, London, UK