Service – To please Guru and Krishna

we can understand that the activities that a devotee does during the day, whether it’s sweeping the floor, or whether its uh, cooking or whether its preaching, is not to be done just mechanically, but it’s supposed to be done with full consciousness of the service to the Lord. When we’re sweeping, we’re thinking how to do our service properly. How to get every last piece of dirt because we want to please the Lord. Not that we’re, “Oh, this service is not important. Let me just do this service very quickly and…” uh, we’re thinking of something else. No. Everything we’re doing, we should be fully conscious of the service to Krishna, you see. How, we are directly trying to please guru and Krishna.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

Nov 15, 1982 SB @ Nepal.