Separation – the spice of life.

The devotees were always hankering, “When will we see Prabhupada? When will we see Prabhupada ?” Always thinking Prabhupada is coming, he is coming. Very high level of enthusiasm or anticipation of desire, it comes up, right? Then the spiritual master comes, there’s that union, wonderful uh, experience. Everyone’s jumping, and crying and shouting, right? Then he gives a first couple of lectures, but, then they gradually, the devotee may start to become distracted again, start remembering other thing, and then even though the spiritual master is there, he may… mind may go off, just due to not being at that level, or just due to nature, whatever you wanna call it, so in such a circumstance, then what was better? That was better that when they… in anticipation, they were in a higher level of Krishna consciousness even when… when in presence. Because when he wasn’t there, there was no opportunity to think of anything else, because of that feeling of separation there, and when he is there, you see, then some kind of… after a while, some self satisfaction or some type of taking for granted of the whole situation, then again the mind may get some… may go off, or that intensity, it can be little bit reduced, even someone who is not materially not going to go off anywhere, but still the intensity can change.

So, that’s why we are always seeing that, that there is always this coming and going, union and separation, it’s all… it just adds… the spice of life is variety, right? Variety is the spice of life, so not that every time it’s all the same, sometimes Krishna is there. Sometimes He is not. Apparently they are… Actually Krishna is actually always there, but sometimes He is visible, sometimes He is invisible. So for the devotees that creates all various type of emotions and anticipations and desires, which are all very relishable on the spiritual platform.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami maharaj

29th Dec 1982, SB class @ Atlanta