Save the soul with Harinam

Generally some kind of people are not very interested in chanting Hare Krishna, but in some cases they do chant, and they are able to also be rectified . It’s not an eternal condition of the soul. It’s a mentality which develops as a conditioning or covering of the soul . So if they remain in that attitude for an extended period of human birth, then they can go back into the animal kingdom , and they become snakes or other kind of envious creatures, and anyone they see they bite them. Like a snake doesn’t gain anything by biting anyone, it’s not like you have to step on a snake to bite, just walk by it will bite you. It’s envious. Scorpion doesn’t…. cant eat you, bite you anyway. Just if you are lying down, sleeping, a scorpion come and bite you just for the sake of biting you off, doesn’t eat you. So there are certain envious creatures, so people who are very demoniac , then they take birth in the future as snakes or scorpions, and then they can, and that’s why they have added in their natural habitat, around and bite people So we are trying to why they are here as human beings…..harinam and little holy name of Krishna, or they get some prasadam, may be they can be saved from that kind of a future damnation, future hellish situation.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1986,2nd October, SB class @ New Orleans, USA