Sangirtana yagna will bring good fortune…

Krishna, He can be captured very easily by engaging in sankirtana, by glorifying Him. Sankirtana means to glorify the Lord. When many people glorify together its sankirtana, when several together its kirtana, and when its individual then its japa or kirtana, like that. Just like now all over the world devotees, they may not be physically in one place but in consciousness they are all together, they are all engaged in the sankirtana yajna. And they’re all engaged in glorifying Krishna. So this sankirtana yajna of glorifying Krishna actually will bring good fortune to all of the people both materially and spiritually. Even if a person is uh, engaged somehow or another in service of Krishna unknowingly which is known as ajnata-sukrti or an unknown good work, an unknown service to Krishna. That means that by accident a person does, even then that person is benefited.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1982 Dec, 17 SB @ New Orleans, USA.