Respecting the tulsi

the four Kumaras they are already brahman-realized. They’ve already realized the uh, absolute truth in the impersonal form. This is beyond the conception of nirvana. This is going that… they can see their soul and they can see the spiritual light of which the soul is a part, but they have no direct realization of Krishna yet. So, they had the desire to go and see the Vaikuntha worlds. So, they went from the light and they went to the Vaikuntha planet, and now they’re going into the Vaikuntha planet, and this is what they’re seeing. They’re seeing that even the flowers, they’re all conscious. That they’re conscious entities. The flowers, they’re seeing how the flowers are conscious, and they can see that how the flowers themselves are respecting the tulasi plant as a more elevated amongst them and that they’re… how they’re engaging in service.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

Nov 15, 1982 SB @ Nepal.