Representative of Srila Prabhupad – The GBC

In any case we should always be in the attitude of the servant, but normally we have seen in the history that, when the spiritual master leaves and then the other disciple becomes the spiritual master, they may always have that there is no physical check on them being in the proper attitude. Its just their own responsibility to be in the service attitude. But here in the case of having a Governing body, the Spiritual master the GBC, who ever there are; they always see that, since Prabhupada said that the GBC is my representative. It is supposed to represent Srila Prabhupada, whatever he have taught us, to represent that. Therefore we can always remain in the service attitude to Prabhupada and to his representative.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1986, 30 October, SB class @ New Talavan, USA