Religion – The passionate pride

Prabhupada repeatedly advices how they are not able to solve the real problems of life – birth, death, old-age and disease. This is very obvious, yet they are so proud. They are so proud of their so called advancement. Their pride manifests in so many ways. Just like a person is proud of his sectarian religion. They are pride in their sectarian religion is more than any real love for God. So, as a result, people are killing each other, whatever their religion is, they are very proud of their religion. But they don’t even know what their religion teachings are, in most cases. Nor, are they interested to know. They are simply absorbed in pride. Since, I am the greatest person, and I belong to this religion, this must be the greatest religion. It’s actually what it comes down to. Somebody else is enemy of my religion, he is my enemy and therefore, he should be killed. This way people are manipulators. So, we have Muslims against Christians in Lebanon. We have Hindus against Budhists in Sri Lanka, Hindus against Muslims in India, Sikhs against Hindus in India, then Protestants against Catholics in Ireland and so on and so forth. So, this false pride, whereby people don’t actually understand what is the real principles of religion, what is the actual situation of another person. They are so self-centred that they simply are concerned with their own pride. When you read the newspapers, the leader of Libya and the leader of America, how they are calling each other different things. One thing that’s common is, definitely there is a tremendous amount of pride. Who is right and who is wrong is another thing, …to what degree…. No matter what they do, they think, what they are doing is right. Even if they are dead wrong, they think they are right. Unless there is some humility, unless there is some other consideration, then how can you create any kind of a unification or any kind of a peace? So, where to get these good qualities? How to curtail such a thing, as pride? Just talking about it, don’t be proud won’t go very far. What needs to be established is that the person if they are established in religious principles, automatically false pride reduces. If they are established in austerity, cleanliness, truthfulness and mercy; then they will be detached from false pride, over attachment to women and to intoxication. Therefore, the Krishna conscious movement is promoting this religious principle. And preachers of the Krishna conscious movement, they have to be themselves very careful to adopt and emulate these Brahmanical principles, to show them as examples for the rest of the society. If a preacher doesn’t show good qualities, rather shows bad qualities, then people will not take seriously what the preacher is saying.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1986, 27th April, SB class @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia