Relatives committing offence to devotees & how to address?

Question: If our close relatives commit offence to devotees and devotional service, what are we supposed to do? Parvati Swaminathan, Padmasakhi dd.

Guru Maharaj: Sastra tells us how to respond to offences. If you can defeat that person’s argument, that is the first thing.If you cannot do that, thenyou can walk away from that place. Otherwise, you can leave your body and go back to Godhead, But, you should not artificially commit suicide, that is just youspontaneously leave your body. Like, Sati, when she heard the offence against Lord Siva, her husband, from her father Daksa, she just left her body, spontaneously. So, these three things are given. At least you can protest, that you know that this is not true. If because of age or something, relationship, and they may not listen to you,at least it should go on records that what they are saying is not true.

30 March 2020 | Mayapur