Really, what I do want?

two ways are going to help one to get to Krishna, quickly. One is to have all the desires satisfied. Of course, one after another, desires are coming. But as one becomes more and more spiritually advanced, then the new desires are not coming as frequently, you see. One is already partially desiring Krishna and partially there’s so many already accumulated desires which one’s… is not ready to give up, yet.

So, as those accumulated desires, one achieves them and realizes that, “Oh, this was the one I wanted. That isn’t what I wanted, this wasn’t what I wanted.” Then more and more one is able to finally put a little more energy into Krishna. “Maybe Krishna is really what I do want.” Then, “Well no. Let me try this.” Then again, they try that. They get that. “Oh, that wasn’t exactly. Maybe Krishna.” Then a little more service to Krishna along the way. And then gradually… This is a very slow process because still one is trying to enjoy the material world because of attachment, but even just by having association with Krishna, one is protected in so many ways, and ultimately one can achieve the position… When… Because Krishna won’t force Himself on anyone. The devotees, we’re maybe a little more obnoxious. We force ourselves (devotees laughing) But Krishna’s not like that. He doesn’t force Himself on anyone.

He uh, will only accept one back into the… His own association, when they want to really come. When they don’t have any other desire. He’ll give them every other thing first. And then when you don’t want anything else… because once you have Krishna, then there’s nothing else. When you realize Krishna, you realize that everything is within Krishna. So, then there’s no possibility of dual vision, of that type of duality of something that’s completely separate uh, from a relation with Krishna. So, it’s either everything is related with Krishna in service and anything which is out of the service of Krishna, then you have to be in material consciousness.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

Nov 15, 1982 SB @ Nepal.