Rajapur Jagannath Tempele

I have some personal pastimes that I know. I was Home Director in Mayapur, that is like a President. So this one person, he wanted to give us his property and deities and there were 21 orders – the sons, the grandsons and so on, there were 21 shareholders. Some 1% some 5%, I told the pujari that when he gets all the shareholder to sign, we will start the worship. But he didn’t tell me that he had already started the worship! 

He was afraid of chastisement! Therefore, he stopped the worship. But once you start you should never stop the worship! But he stopped. So next day he went to the altar and he saw the deity was not there! And he looked and he saw the deities were walking on the field! Jagannath waved to this man and said, you are not feeding Us! We are going to Radha Madhava to eat Their prasadam! Eat Their bhoga! So then he told that to me. I said, start the worship. Haribol! Thank you all very much! 

15th March 2019
Sri Dham Mayapur, India