Purview of our previous Acharyas

we are not about to stop preaching the message of CaitanyaMahaprabhu, our dedicated to preaching His message, we are going to continue preaching His message, at all cost. And apart from our collective responsibility, as the International Society for Krishna consciousness, every devotee should realize that individually they have each the mandate, the responsibility, handed down through the disciplic succession to them, to spread this Krishna consciousness all over the world, to every person, because we may not be individually capable and because it was the desire of our previous acharyas that we should cooperate and do it collectively, and because Prabhupada has given us this International society for Krishna consciousness, as some…as a platform, or as a mechanism for… for doing that, therefore, for all this reasons to satisfy the previous acharyas, we are working together in this way.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1986,2nd October, SB class @ New Orleans, USA