Pulling out the weeds

The first weed is described as Nisidacara, unauthorized behavior, say that a person uh, is habituated to uh, eating meat, but chanting Hare Krishna… friend of Krishna, coming but you know still he eats meat. So, then the person gradually stops eating meat, that is pulling the weed out. Or then, say, in the beginning stage, but then say something that might even attack an older person that’s in devotional service, kutinati or labha, puja, pratistha. Kutinati means diplomatic behaviour, just like say a neophyte devotee, not very strong, he is trying to practice devotional service, he’s practicing, but somehow he got mislead… miss… like waylaid. Went out, did something wrong, maybe went out, got drunk or something, you know. Just fall… said, “I met some old friends.”

“Next thing you know, I had a beer can.” in his hand, whatever, and so got in trouble. So then… I met a devotee like that. That was not a devotee, initiated, but just like a bhakta type person, and then he had something like that happen… then he got picked up for drunken driving. Very… he was com…apologizing. He was going to really try to be Krishna conscious again, so the thing was that if a person… say that a person does something like that, and some senior person is there to help him, some spiritually advanced person, and then if tries to like lie about it, hide the truth, so or… that’s one form of kutinati, being devious you know. Well, if the person was straight forward, “Yeah, I had this problem, can you help me?” Then he gets some good advice, and that gives him some more inspiration, some more strength to just stay on the path, you see. So that, lack of being straightforward of you know, confiding in uh, people who are actually there to help you spiritually, that’s one form of kutinati, there are many others, like different have diplomatic behavior, so if one… one gives up that behavior and then takes the uh, you know, straight forward path, takes the consequences whatever it may be, you see, there is no consequences like that in devotional service, no one is going to uh, put anyone unnecessarily on the spot, rather one is compassionate, trying to help someone if they are having difficulties. So, that’s how you pull the weed.

H.H Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

26th Dec, 1982 SB class @ Atlanta,