Prabhupada’s Contribution – Jayapataka Swami answers

Question: Hare Krishna, maharaj, you were asking like how Srila Prabhupad has done so much for us and whenever I hear about Prabhupuad’s contribution, it is very inspiring and we feel like doing something for Srila Prabhupad. But often I find that sometimes to cooperate becomes very difficult. Sometimes to cooperate with devotees, sometimes I know what is right, but still out of ego, I may take the wrong decision, which maybe for the moment, not very good. So how sometimes we should try to – you are saying, really, who would like to help Srila Prabhupad? So desire is there but sometimes find it very difficult. Can you give some guidance?

GM: What to do, sometimes if our false ego tells us to cooperate? We tell the false ego, go for a ride! And I will follow Prabhupad! But if the false ego takes us for a ride and later we realize it, then we should make amends. We should apologize and we should pay our obeisances. So like this, how many offences we make to Srila Prabhupad. That is why we do guru puja because we make so many offences and we want to get forgiven. So eventually we can stop making these offences.