personality of Godhead is beyond the range of our own discovering techniques

Before the creation of the universe, or before the creation of all the bodies in the universe. Brahma, was meditating on the Supersoul but could not find the origin of the Supersoul. Natural that someone wants to know, “Who am I?” more children ask their parents who am I. They know that, it’s the identity crisis that is being suffered is nothing new. When Brahma, was born he was suffering identity crisis. There he was sitting on top of the lotus. He didn’t know what he supposed to do. He didn’t know where he came from and there was nobody else in sight. He had an identity crisis. So what? But he was better than other… than other hypocritical people, who kind of just follow on with the rat race, and don’t bother to find who they are. He thought that the first priority was to find his origin, so he tried to seek out his origin, but he was born directly by the Garbhodakasayi Visnu. So therefore, one can find out uh, Visnu by one’s own searching. God is beyond the… personality of Godhead is beyond the range of our own discovering techniques; however, He can reveal Himself. After trying to searching through the normal, empirical methods, Brahma failed, but then he was thinking what should he do.

At that time there were two syallables that came through the ether, they were ta, pa. Tapa means do penances, do austerities, so he started to do penances, meditating, and performing certain austerities, and this way he was able to get the favor of Lord Krishna, and so the Supersoul has now appeared before him as uh… or was it Garbhodakasayi Visnu? In a personal form. quite smaller form, visible form, normal size. So, now He is explaining that, “I am the supersoul of every individual, as the supreme director, and the dearest, people are attached to the gross and subtle body, but they should be attached to Me only.” Of course then He tells Brahma to do the creation, but here it’s in a nutshell. People should be attached to their self, and to the Supersoul, not attached to the body. Just like a person tries to get from one place to another, a car, if the car breaks down then you have to go for another car. In a similar way, we are in these bodies; they’re like rented cars. After one breaks down, when it’s no longer usable, what you do is you get another one.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj.

1983, 30th October SB class@ Honolulu, Hawaii.