Our service with the Lord

we see that in the spiritual world, everyone is already awakened, that even the flowers, they are conscious. The birds are conscious. Everyone is conscious.

In the material world, everyone is unconscious of their relationship with the Lord. They’re very conscious about… or maybe depending on their gun… the gunas or qualities of nature, they’re relatively more conscious, or less conscious, and their consciousness is diverted either mode of goodness to helping others, to magnamy… magnanimity, peace truthfulness, cleanliness, they’re very conscious of being clean. They may be very conscious of telling the truth. They may be very conscious of being religious. They may be very conscious of things like that. That’s all in the mode of goodness.

And a person on the mode of passion is very conscious of getting his profit. Very conscious of getting the pleasure, and the things that he wants. That that person wants out of every situation. Out of accumulating more and more. Out of defeating any enemies. These are all in the mode of passion.

And the mode of ignorance, there, one is very unconscious, or the consciousness is diverted into uh, frivolous things. Into… uh, into uh, intoxication, into uh, sleep, into uh, madness, but even in all these three of these three, naturally the mode of goodness is uh, more elevated, but even there, it’s not that nece… necessarily there is consciousness of service to the Lord. That is why even the material mode of goodness is not good enough to take one to the spiritual world.

Therefore, whether one is relatively good passionate or ignorant, the necessity of awakening the original consciousness of our relationship with the Lord, of our service with the Lord, is essential.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

Nov 15, 1982 SB @ Nepal.