Our Real role – service to krishna

We’re actually eternal spirit souls, and we’re, practically speaking, living out this material drama, that we should learn to play the part of a devotee and then take the great benefit from this bad bargain, to actually become completely Krishna conscious. After all, this is not our real role that we’re playing in this particular body. Our real role is devotional service to Krishna. This is just a setting on the stage, and we are the actors. But, if we play in our eternal role as the servant of Krishna, regardless of what the setting is, as the time causes the setting to change, we never come out of our role as serving Krishna, then actually, we are transferred to the eternal setting, then we don’t have to play the uh, role in these material setting… but for the pure devotee, wherever… whatever setting it may be, the temporary settings of the material world, or the eternal setting of the spiritual sky uh, his consciousness is always one, it’s always fixed: eke ha kuru-nandana, in pure devotional service.
Therefore, for the pure devotee, it doesn’t make any difference whether he’s in the material world, or whether he’s in the spiritual sky. It’s just a question of what stage props are there. For him, his role is always the same: Pure devotional service to Krishna.               

 H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj     

October 16, 1982 Murari Sevaka, USA