One envious disruptive element, that can spoil the whole sankirtana party.

One time, Srivas’s mother-in-law, his what do you call it, shasur… she decided to sneak a peek of that sankirtan at Srivas’s house. So she somehow or another snuck into the house and she hid under a basket and she then was peeking out watching Lord Caitanya and everyone chanting. So Lord Caitanya and the other they came… they came into Srivas’s house, closed the door, paid their obeisances and started to chant. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna… different chanting… suddenly Lord Caitanya stopped the kirtan. You probably heard this already. He stopped the kirtan, said,” Why I am not feeling ecstasy? Everyday we are chanting, we are feeling ecstasy. Why I am not feeling any ecstasy today? Who is the cause?” All the devotees started looking. They started thinking, “Oh no! What did I do?” they think, “What was the mistake I made?” Then Lord Caitanya said, “Maybe there is a invader here, a intruder.” So then they all looked around, Srivas looked in his house, everyone looked they did not find any. So then Lord Caitanya said,” Alright, chanting.” So again they were chanting,

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare/

Hare Rama Hare Rama

Rama Rama Hare Hare

After 10-15 minutes again Lord Caitanya stopped, “Still I am not feeling any bliss. Who is the cause?” * Pshh * This time the devotees were very very nervous. “We must have committed a great aparadha that Lord Caitanya is not feeling any transcendental ecstasy in our association.” Son then Lord Caitanya, “There must be a intruder.” So this time Srivas he did a thorough check and there he found under his basket… under a basket in his house was his mother-in-law.

You know in India, mother-in-law is respected just like one’s mother, if not more. And India they are very respectful to their parents. Up to now I don’t think there is much uh, incidents of patricide in India. But uh, so even… then you can understand very respectful to such elder family people. But he immediately grabbed her by the hair, dragged her out and threw out of the front door and said, “You don’t intrude like this.” Came back, told Lord Caitanya,”Alright, please forgive me, chant kirtana.”

Lord Caitanya started to chant and He stopped again, later on, and then He asked Srivas that,”Srivas, wasn’t that your mother-in-law that was in the house?” He said, “Yes.” Everyone was astonishing, “Mother-in-law!” Lord Caitanya said,”Why you disrespected her so much? You dragged… you grabbed her by the hair? Is it the proper way of dealing with the mother-in-law?” Well Srivas said that uh, ” I may go to hell or whatever, but I don’t care what happens to me. But I don’t want to see that Your… that You should… Your divine self should be in any way dissatisfied. Whatever may be that disturbance to Your happiness that is my greatest enemy. No matter who is that person may be. That is an obstacle for me. She was creating a disturbance in Your devotional service. She might be my anyone, I don’t care. It has no value for me if it is a disturbance for Your satisfaction.” Then Lord Caitanya embraced him and said,”How you are such a devotee!” And said that, “In the future you should …” like that.

He showed actually of course the pure devotee, they are so much fixed in Krishna, whatever will satisfy, because that is the principal consideration. But there just was a non-devotee intruding even it was a relative, but that changed the whole atmosphere so much so that Lord Caitanya, He couldn’t feel any bliss. If there is one envious disruptive element, that can spoil the whole sankirtana party. That’s why even the spiritual master is advised that if there’s a disciple who is polluting other disciples, that disciple should be rejected.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj.

06th April, 1983 SB class @ Toronto, Canada