No one is free..

The material modes – mode of passion, mode of ignorance, mode of goodness. Ignorance, passion, goodness – these three things are always affecting the body. Therefore no one is free. Sometimes someone feels very charitable, very… very nicely disposed to help others, much in the mode… mode of goodness. Sometimes the person is feeling very greedy, simply “I want more money, I want more enjoyment, I want immediately for myself, and very anxious and passionate for achieving that profit.”, the mode of passion, you see. Don’t want to give anything to anybody, don’t want to hurt anybody, “I want simply to get what I need, unless someone gets in my way I don’t care, but I want this”, this is passion. Ignorance very angry, you see, I don’t care even if I get any profit, simply I want to kill you. You see that in the movies sometimes they show, this is the mode of ignorance. He doesn’t care even if he loses his whole life, “I want to get you.” This is the mode of ignorance, you see. They don’t think about what is the future, what is the.. ultimately whether they will profit. And obviously mode of ignorance is not at all for any one’s good. It’s insanity, madness, anger, like that. So, in this body if we are not fully engaged in devotional service, then we can be affected by ignorance, by passion or by goodness, or a combination of all three.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

27 oct, 1982, SB Class