No demon can enter into the spiritual world.

if we act always under the guidance of guru, sadhu and sastra, then we can be always confident that “Krishna will protect us.” So, this is wonderful that cowherd boys that they… they were feeling fearless. When they were inside Aghasura, then Yoga-maya had created such a scenario for Krishna, that even Krishna was momentarily put into wonder, “How will I …” Of course, this is also His play, that He puts Himself in that very personal position… on His own free will, not that He’s forced into it, that He comes into Vrindavan just to have these types of pastimes. This is His playground. The difference is that in Spiritual world, there are no demons. Just a feeling that the demons are there. So, the devotees are sometimes apprehensive that the demon will come and disrupt our pastime with Krishna. But no demon can enter into the spiritual world.

So here in the material world, this is like a special country resort for Krishna. He comes down here, and He can play with real demons. Of course, they are not really demons. Because, they are also his part and parcels – jivatmas, who have somehow become rebellious to Him. So He is dovetailing them into His pastimes, and by this, they achieve liberation and they can return back to the spiritual world, you see. Just like those in the prison house, sometimes they volunteer to take some medical tests, experimentation, and if they do that, then they can get out pretty fast, but there’s some risk of course in material life. But there is no risk involved here. Anyway, somehow or the other these demons, even though they are fighting with Krishna, they get let out early, immediately, by being killed by Krishna. But the devotees, their whole situation is completely different. They are not at all inimical to Krishna.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 18th Sep, SB class @ New Orleans, USA