My duty is to give everything to Vishnu

The effort of giving something you benefit. So generally the grhasthas, Sukracarya, his mood. He says all right give a person a donation but tell him it’s all you got. Just give him some token. Don’t, this is Visnu He is going to take everything. This is what he is actually saying. “This logic may be all right for some ordinary beggar but of course this is Visnu, this is Visnu, He is going to take everything.” So Bali Maharaja he is a devotee at heart. His grandfather is Prahlada Maharaja. He knows that “My duty is to give to Visnu everything. He is the possessor, He is begging from me and I promised. How can I refuse Him?” Sukracarya is using the ordinary morality, ordinary logic of the Vedas that “If some beggar comes obviously you don’t give the beggar everything because then he will take everything and he may misuse it and uh, you won’t have any money. How will you be able to materially be uh… function, how will you spiritually be able to engage in your service to Krishna?” It’s like a material moral instruction of the Vedas, practical instruction for ordinary cases. This is not ordinary case. Visnu Himself is coming. So in the same way that there people might think that “Well, I give something to these devotees, something to these people…” but actually even if they give everything they won’t be the loser. If they give everything to an ordinary beggar they may lose but if they give everything to the devotee, even if they give more than what they would think is ordinarily appropriate actually still they benefit unlimitedly, like so much more.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1982 Dec, 17 SB @ New Orleans, USA.